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It’s no secret that today’s successful local businesses have a functioning, dynamic, operative website. We use the above adjectives to emphasize and accentuate the importance of thriving websites in 2013. The average shopper uses search engines to find the products and services that they love. In fact, e-commerce sales are up 17.3 percent from last quarter. And for those local business owners scratching their heads thinking to themselves, “Well, my business doesn’t sell any product or service online”; you need to reconsider the value of a fully functioning website.

Whether you sell your local business’s products or services online or not, having a website exudes a corporate presence that is invaluable in the minds of consumers, both today and in the future. From a competitive standpoint, those local companies resting on the laurels of their reputation and involvement in the community must seriously consider what their rival down the street is doing to market their business. Odds are pretty strong that they have a solid online presence, a trustworthy SEO company, and a real budget dedicated to online search and marketing.

Forgetting about e-commerce all together, local businesses must take into account how the average consumer locates a business today. Think smart phone, Google, and go. Are you showing up on the search engine results page when a potential customer is seeking your products and/or services in a specific location? Are you listed in directories that point these potential customers to your website? Does your website radiate a look and feel that is attractive, engaging, and trustworthy? If the answer to even one of these questions is a “no”, then you need to mull over the following suggestions:

  • Get listed in relevant directories and platforms that link to local clientele
  • Give your site a makeover that reflects your business, its value, and 2013’s consumer expectations
  • Create a Google Plus Local accounts and make sure your maps, addresses, numbers, etc. are all accurate
  • Take advantage of multimedia (such as video) to quickly display your business’s value proposition in an engaging way
  • Make room for a marketing budget and then speak to an SEO company, trust us

As the “bad rap” cloud continues to shy away from the SEO industry as a whole, it is important for local business owners to truly know what they are getting into prior to writing a check. While the above suggestions are certainly achievable by local business owners, we all know that wearing too many hats is a recipe for disaster.

Legitimate, trustworthy SEO companies will explain that while it may take some time, good SEO practices will pay for themselves. When a budget is dedicated to your website and online search, the leads and conversions will speak for themselves. Contact Inbound Authority today for a free consultation to learn how your company and website can benefit from our expertise!

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