What Does Local SEO Even Mean?

Local businesses with physical locations have undoubtedly heard the term “local SEO” from a colleague, employee, or some kind of marketing specialist. With all of the technological and marketing jargon being tossed around today, it can be difficult to sort through the mess to determine the difference between necessary online marketing components versus fancy lingo with no value. Local SEO, however, is most certainly an essential online marketing component which carries massive value for local businesses today.

So, if local SEO is in fact an important piece of the marketing mix, what is it and how can it help local businesses today? Quite literally, local SEO refers to optimizing online presence in order to help your business show up in search results on a local level. For example, if a potential customer were to type a search query such as “best West Palm Beach restaurant”, every restaurant owner in West Palm Beach would obviously hope for their website to appear under the local search results. Successful local SEO is the path to getting there.

Increasing online traffic to your local website through local SEO tactics is both simple and complex. In general, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered to be both an art and a science. From a local SEO scientific perspective, there are certain cut and dry measures that must be taken to achieve success in local search rankings:

  • Business must create and then claim a their “Google Plus Local” account as well as other prominent local listings like Bing, Yahoo, YellowPages etc.
  • Meticulously create business citations on other local websites that focus on consolidating the NAP (name, address, phone number) of the business.
  • Garner review, reviews, and more reviews (and positive reviews at that!)

These three elements will play an enormous role in a website’s ability to rank locally. The overall perception in which visitors on Google Plus Local and other local listings sites receive will significantly impact your business’s bottom line. As a science, local SEO is rather straightforward. These segments of online marketing are clear-cut and logical. Local SEO as an art, however, differs in terms of knowledge and ability.

The art of local SEO comes in the form of targeting audiences, updating page titles, internally linking on-site, adding video and blog components, link building, landing page optimization, and much, much more. As business owners, developing a successful local SEO strategy takes time, patience, and dedication to working towards results that are often not immediate.

As such, it is imperative for local businesses to understand that the complexities involved in local SEO that works are far beyond the scope of what many business owners have the time for or knowledge to execute. Working with a digital marketing company allows these businesses to not only trust in professional execution of online tactics, but also the ability to hold these people accountable for the work that they do. At Inbound Authority, we work with local businesses with one goal in mind: getting customers to your door. Utilizing a number of advanced tactics, Inbound Authority is able to open the virtual doors of local businesses, making them visible to those seeking their services.

Our team of seasoned SEO specialists works with our clients to regularly report, ensuring that we are held accountable for our efforts. For a free consultation to determine how our services can best fit within your organization, please contact Inbound Authority today! To take a look at how you are doing locally you can also visit GetListed.org or Yext to run a free scan of your business.

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  1. Touch Point Digital Marketing December 27, 2012 at 1:41 am #

    Good points, Josh. Local SEO is definitely critical for any local business, and they need to realize that it’s not the same as “regular” SEO. It does involve other facets of good SEO that a digital marketing company that specializes in Local SEO would know and could help them with.


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