Raven Tools Review

When I first started using Raven Internet Marketing Tools to manage our client’s SEO efforts at our agency, I didn’t expect it to become the backbone of everything we do so quickly.

Jon Henshaw and the entire team at Raven have truly developed such a wonderful service that is has become the first site I go to in my browser when the day starts, and stays there until I go home. There have been many reviews of Raven tools and even an excellent interview by Ross Hudgens. However, I am going to take a different slant and talk about the amazing support that the Raven team has built for their SEO toolset. No matter how amazing a tool is, if it isn’t constantly being updated and improved, it will slowly lose its value. Thats why the support team around Raven is what, in my mind, makes it the best internet marketing tool out there.

A couple years back, our marketing agency had hired a developer and began to build a toolset like Raven to track and report on everything we did for our clients. Yet we quickly realized that was a complicated path to take and a “why re-invent the wheel” conversation was had around the office, after which we decided to give Raven a try. When we first signed up for a 30-day trial of Raven, we weren’t sure what to expect. It looked a little daunting at first going through all the different screens and trying to get a working grasp of everything that Raven does.

The inevitable questions started to come up and we were pleasantly surprised that there was a number of resources on their site to help answer common questions, even back when we first started using the tool, and it has vastly improved in the last year. Here are some of the helpful resources:

Raven-Feedback-FeatureOne of the great features built into Raven is the ability to report a bug, or request a new feature right from within the tool. This allows you to provide the support team with a quick bug or something that just popped into your head that would improve the tool without making you go through the burden of trying to locate an email or fill out a lengthy contact form. I use it all the time and they are very fast to respond and even implement the suggestions made. For example, we had a client ask us if we could add a color to the rankings report for their competitors rankings, so it would stand out on the printed reports, as it does on the screen when your using the tool. One quick feature request and about 2 days later it was added. They were happy and we were very impressed.

Recently, Raven introduced a new Customer Care section of their website recently to help answer users’ questions even more. We had a chance to ask Alison Groves, User Experience Manager, a couple of questions about that and some other burning questions. Here goes!

Josh: What is one aspect of the new customer care section of the website that has been the most popular?
Alison: This would have to be our webinars. We had stopped doing them for a while in anticipation of our new user interface and have just resumed them, now that we have the new UI (user interface) in place. One of the big challenges with the new UI was that we had to completely re-document a system in a matter of weeks. Everything that we had worked on education wise for the last two years was now completely irrelevant. With the new Customer Care center, we now have a place to archive all of our educational efforts, so someone can come along at any time and find the best resource for them. Our webinars are really popular because, not only are they an in-depth look at a particular tool within the Raven platform, but they are archived soon after they’ve ended, so folks can watch them at their leisure. With users all over the globe, this allows folks who are in time zones opposite us to participate in everything we do during our own waking hours.

Josh: What is your favorite thing Raven does to look after its customers, or which service are you most proud of?
Alison: One thing that I value above everything else is my team. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by amazingly good folks, who are not only extraordinary at their jobs, but are just first rate individuals as well. This goes for not only my immediate team, but everyone at Raven. The team I work with daily is Irene Phelps, Nate Baker, and Megan Morris, and they do an *amazing* job at making sure each and every customer is well taken care of. We have a whole team of developers who literally churn out new things every day. And our marketing and product teams work constantly at making the platform the best it can possibly be, ensuring that all of our users are well informed, and that things are easy to understand. To answer the question directly, the “service” that I am most proud of is the people. Our people are the best, and the dedication to taking care of every user as well as producing the best product we can makes me honored to be a part of that every single day.

Josh: What would you tell someone looking to try Raven for the first time to convince them of it’s usefulness to them?
Alison: This is a tough question to answer because just about every individual user has a different use case. In a general sense, there is something for everyone with Raven, and I think that’s a big part of the appeal. And since there is something for everyone, folks can use as much or as little of the platform as they’d like. Just need our social tools? Great! But you can also include Google Analytics and branded reports along with your daily social engagement needs. Doing social *and* SEO? Everything within the platform communicates together to make your job easier. That’s really what we’re after: provide you with one central platform so that you aren’t going out to 10 or 15 different tools to get your work done every day.

Josh: Anything we should look out for in the next couple months that is anticipated to be a great addition?
Alison: While we like to keep our roadmap under wraps, our tools are extremely user driven by feature requests and other feedback. With that being said, we do have some major enhancements coming soon to the social tools. We know that people love them, and they are heavily used, so we look forward to sharing those updates with all of our users very soon.

Thats it for the interview! Thanks to Alison for sharing her thoughts on those topics.

So basically, Raven is one of the premier internet marketing tools out there, and it seems poised to stay a leader in this space for a long time. If you are looking for an all in one tool for Social, Rankings, Analytics, Link Building, and Reporting then look no further. They also have an iPhone app. There are a number of different pricing models for the service, that fits every budget and they even have a 30 Day Free Trial. While I am in no way affiliated with Raven, I can’t help but sing their praises and tell everybody I meet about them. Let us know your Raven experience in the comments below, and by all means try Raven’s Internet Marketing toolset today!

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  1. Courtney Seiter January 23, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    Joshua, thanks so much for the review and for taking the time to interview Alison. Glad to hear you think we taking good care of you guys at New Epic Media! 🙂

  2. Alison Groves January 23, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Thanks for running this again Josh! Just want to mention that we also added Lance Conzett to our support team, and I want to make sure he wasn’t left out. He’s the youngest member of our team, so I fear if I didn’t mention him, he’d use his youth to stay up all hours of the night and plot revenge. 🙂

    • Joshua Gill January 23, 2012 at 7:46 pm #


      We have been getting the blog running properly on the new site, so thats why we reposted the Raven Review again. Good to know about Lance. We don’t want to be party to any office mayhem so we shall give him the props he deserves! Welcome Lance. Now that we know you are there we will bug you with all the burning Raven questions that linger in our mind on weekends. Get ready!

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