SEOmoz, GetListed, and the Future of Search Tools

SEOmoz recently acquired GetListed, and while this merger comes with little shock value, it certainly comes with significant local search value. For years, both companies have individually played a relevant role in search engine optimization. While SEOmoz focused on a larger scale model for small businesses focused on overall rankings and on-site optimization, GetListed remained focused on helping small business recognize where they are lacking in online business listings.

The small and medium size business market has continued to grow rapidly in the last decade. Recognizing this growth quickly, both Rand Fishkin and David Mihm (founders of SEOmoz and GetListed, respectively) developed tools to help these business entities perform in the online space. But what will the merging of these two entities mean for the future of search tools?

Many theories have quickly circulated the online space. While no one can truly predict what the future will hold for SEOmoz and GetListed’s role in SEO’s future, there are a few interesting commonalities that these two companies share, making them prime partners to take on the real future of local SEO: the battle of becoming the “ultimate tool”.

As an industry, SEO has been on quite the rollercoaster. From overcoming black hat bias to legitimizing the meaning of “SEO”, search engine optimizers have had a difficult road thus far. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Historically, mentioning the term “SEO” to a friend or family member was quickly followed by a “what is that?” However, today, SEO terminology has become a regular business term. Those who own or operate small to medium size businesses must know this term and be able to hold a conversation about it. While none of this is a secret, it does shed light on a critical transformation of mindset: people see the value in SEO and people are willing to pay.

SO, long story long, what does the merging of SEOmoz and GetListed mean for the future of SEO? At first glance, nothing too crazy. SEOmoz will become an even more robust tool and will have the capability of infiltrating local search on a new sphere. Small and medium sized businesses currently using SEOmoz tools will likely perform better locally, with new data and new toolsets from GetListed that reflect the need to build a strong local presence. Clearly, both of these entities will benefit from the merger.

Taking a step back, however, for a panoramic view of the future is what really has us stopping in our tracks. SEOmoz has continually been a leader in the SEO space in terms of education, industry power, and valuable tools. These qualities lend themselves nicely to GetListed, Local U and Whiteboard Friday loosely have the same concept on different size scales. Regardless, it seems as though SEOmoz is on the path of industry domination. As more and more tools are introduced to the small and medium sized business marketplace, those tools that fall short of their competitors will quickly be replaced.

Where will SEOmoz fall in the mix? We believe that their toolset will continue to build upon itself until it becomes the most large-scale, comprehensive SEO tool available. Is this a bold prediction? Certainly. However,  if Rand continues to recognize what companies he needs to acquire in order to build the most all-inclusive SEO toolset available, the sky is the limit for SEOmoz’s potential in the future of SEO success.

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