SEOmoz is now Moz. Why You Should Be Excited!

SEOmoz has been the authority in the organic search space since Rand Fishkin started his first SEO blog in 2004. They have since grown into a search empire working on everything from crawling the web to local search and everything in between. On Wednesday, Rand announced that they would now be just Moz. I happened to be driving and at a very long stop light when I was, sad to say, checking my email. When I saw the announcement in my email I was caught off guard and it wasn’t until the people behind me started blowing their horns that I snapped out of it. I immediately pulled over, read the rest of Rand’s piece, and checked out their tour of the new Moz Analytics that is to be released soon. So, why should you be excited about this news? Why should we all be excited about this change?

What this mean for Inbound Marketing

Standing next to Roger the SEOmoz/Moz robot mascot at SMX Advanced in SeattleAt Inbound Authority, as our name sugests, we feel very strongly that there is more to marketing today than just SEO. Everything about who we are and why we are has been shaped by listening and learning to the men and women who worked at SEOmoz over the past 5 years. Every Whiteboard Friday, every YOUmoz post, and every main blog post has been examined and dissected in an attempt to learn everything that we can from the wealth of knowledge that comes out of that Seattle think tank. Every campaign decision for a client and every business move we contemplated, we would ask ourselves, “What would our friends at SEOmoz do in this situation?” When we used their example as a learning touchstone, things would go well. When we didn’t, not so much. One of the high points as an inbound marketer was the tour of Moz headquarters after an SMX Advanced. The hospitality of Rand and his team and the things that we saw have helped to shape who we are as a company today. But again, why should you care about any of this?

You should care because this change on May 29th, 2013 will shape the face of Inbound Marketing for years to come, just as it shaped the face of SEO so powerfully up until now. What this will mean for the internet community at large is a brighter light being focused on making the web a better place. Better campaigns, better content, better metrics, better marketing. When those things are improved upon everyone comes out a winner. As a user, you get an experience that gives you what you want, clients get a better result, and the inbound marketing community gets a place to call home.

As Moz shifts its name away from the SEO space with all its untoward meanings and connotations, it brings hope of an entire shift in the industry towards a more meaningful purpose. No longer is it just title tags and links that will be spoken of, but rather a holistic approach to marketing that involves so much more. The power of having one place, one dashboard, one home for all those metrics that matter makes me giddy with excitement. Knowing Moz, this is just the tip of the iceberg and the best is yet to come.

So, we will sit back and enjoy the ride as we see how this seemingly small change to a company’s name will help to refocus an entire industry. And to that point, 5 years ago you would have been hard pressed to get a large news agency to cover anything having to do with SEO. Yet, after yesterday’s news wrote about the announcement. Yes, everything is changing and that’s why you should be excited.

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