Ecommerce SEO

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As online shopping in the United States continues to gain fuel, Ecommerce SEO has become more essential than ever before. In fact, just this year, over 80% of internet researchers will make at least 1 purchase per week online. Clearly, consumers are taking advantage of the accessibility of products online. As such, Inbound Authority has become an expert in Ecommerce SEO. Search engine marketing knowledge merged with in-depth consumer decision research, we have formulated a method of success for Ecommerce clients.

Simply stated, the average consumer is now accessing their computers first before making any type of purchase decision. More often than not, online product research, a scan of customer reviews, and analysis of social media sentiment is conducted prior to the majority of purchases. Due to this change in consumer mentality, Ecommerce SEO is critical to both online and offline sales.

As the primary sales location, an optimized ecommerce website is vital to building an online presence and establishing a stream of transactions. Inbound Authority has mastered the art of optimizing ecommerce websites in each capacity relevant to online search, local search, and relevant inbound marketing platforms. With increased traffic and conversion guiding the majority of ecommerce goals, we dedicate substantial time to rankings and exposure.

Inbound Authority’s Ecommerce SEO focuses on:

  • Site Performance
  • Site Architecture
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Authentic Review Generation
  • Feed Management
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Steady Revenue Growth
  • Monthly Reporting

In the development of our Ecommerce SEO methodology, we go back to the basics in understanding that we must earn rankings and traffic through strategically-based procedures that breed online attention. Our goal is to put your products and services at your target market’s fingertips. When consumers are searching online for products and services that your company provides, Inbound Authority maintains the ability to display your company’s offerings in an enticing, engaging manner.

Beyond the technical capacity of Inbound Authority to boost Ecommerce SEO, we use monthly reporting to guide our overarching approach to increase sales. By continually evaluating sales conversion and site traffic on a monthly basis, we are able to assess current successes and re-examine areas with room for improvement. Ecommerce SEO at Inbound Authority structures your website for success, while pushing your marketing initiatives forward to reflect analyzed metrics.

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