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Local SEO Map and Pushpin

Local advertising in today’s online market is paramount to the success of small to medium sized businesses. In fact, even large corporations need to be found in local search. Local SEO with Inbound Authority is not a simple process, but rather the combination and integration of a variety of initiatives that breed a substantial local presence. Today’s consumer uses online search for virtually everything. Choices ranging from where to go for a great haircut, where to purchase lunch, and the best place to get an oil change, local searches drive the modern consumer’s purchase decisions.

With this in mind, Inbound Authority crafts a specific strategy for each client to thrive utilizing Local SEO. Customized packages are generated to reflect particular goals applicable to each client. This strategy encompasses both client objectives and Inbound Authority’s expertise in Local SEO. Taking this approach allows us to not only work towards achieving your internal goals, but merges our knowledge of local search to provide a significant opportunity for success. Our job is not complete until your site traffic increases, your phones ring much more frequently, and physical patronage is apparent from your target market.

Local SEO at Inbound Authority takes an assortment of tools to formulate a customized local search solution. From organic rankings to Places pages on Google, Bing, and Yahoo mixed with social media campaigns and paid search, we ensure that your local presence is recognizable, eye-catching, and easily accessible. When customers are searching for the products and services that you provide, Inbound Authority makes certain that you are found through our Local SEO tactics and procedures.

Take a look at the Local Search Ecosystem below for a better understanding of Local SEO, the search engine environment, and how Inbound Authority can propel your local business, increase inbound leads, and boost local exposure.

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